Sunday, 7 June 2009

More water, in more ways than one

We started the day by driving 30 odd miles into the Everglades and down to the southern most point at Flamingo. We both agreed it was the most boring drive of the week. Much of the road runs between trees so there is no view but even when there is a view it is just sawgrass and swamp and not much bird life.

After lunch we drove down to Key Largo and found the John Pennenkamp State Park which was a lovely place. There is a lot to do in and on the water with trips out to dive, snorkel and also canoes and kayaks to rent. Then there is the glass bottomed boat, that is what we did. 2 1/2 hours on the boat with about 30 minutes for the journey out and back that gave us 1 1/2 over the coral reef with a scientist who told us all about the fish we could see and the different corals. Sadly photos don't work well through the bottom of the boat but we saw some interesting birds on the way out and back.

When we got back to the hotel we freshened up and went for dinner, while we were there we watched a thunder storm approaching and just got back to our room before it started to rain, and how it rained! We were luckier than Miami though, they had flash floods for the second day running with water up to the top of car wheel arches. This was the second day running that it had happened, hope it doesn't happen a third as we are off to the airport at about the time it starts.

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