Friday, 5 June 2009

Water day again

First sorry about the delay but I normally update this first thing in the morning, I couldn't do it today as we had a HUGE thunderstorm. We actually had breakfast by the pool and watched it al round us - it was undercover!

So back to yesterday. We went to Sarasota, we were planning to go further north but the weather forecast was not good so we went for an indoor visit to the aquarium. By the time we got there the weather looked fine and there was a boat going out on the bay with a Marine Biologist onboard to tell the story. We booked and it was really good. We visited one of the islands, all of which were built by the Army Corps of engineers as they cleared channels. We passed several more that were bird 'rookeries' and then they put a dredge down to scrape the bottom, when it was brought back up the Biologist sorted it and then told us all about the stuff they had found. It was really interesting.

After that we visited the aquarium and the dolphin and manatee area. Some photos -


  1. Is that Chris being brave and holding the 'monsters from the deep'. Frank

  2. Brilliant stuff - enjoy your hols JR