Saturday, 30 May 2009

Day 2 - more travelling

We made the journey from Miami up to Rotonda with a short stop to take a look at Lake Okeechobee on the way. We were a bit disappointed as the parking lot (note the American terms here and there!) was just by a canal and the lake was possibly half a mile away. The whole lake is surrounded by a very high levee so you can't see it at all from the road. We did get to spot a small heron though.

We made our way to Fort Myers where we found a wonderful bookshop - Books a Million, the range of magazines was incredible and we both managed to get what we wanted.

Then it was time to pick up the keys and find our home for the week. Once again the Satnav was really useful in finding the rental office but not so good at getting us to the villa by the best route. Still we got here and settled in quickly, had a quick swim before supper then relaxed and watched the sun go down.


  1. Thanks Rosemary, all read and digested. Still sizzling here. Frank

  2. That is such a beautiful picture!