Sunday, 31 May 2009

Time to take it easy

Slowing down nicely now we decided that a short trip to a couple of shops for our personal bits and pieces was the best idea so we headed into Port Charlotte and got the stuff we wanted then we headed on to Punta Gorda to book our boat trip for later in the week. The one we wanted is going on Wednesday and we have booked our places.

It was really hot by this time (about 12 noon) so we stopped or lunch at the end of the pier, with a lovely view across the harbour but it isn't very photogenic as it is basically a huge, wide expanse of water. We did get these in the marina though.

The temperature by then was 90F so we decided to get back to the villa and take advantage of the pool for the rest of the day.

It will get more interesting tomorrow as we are off to the western part of the Everglades.

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  1. Glad the weather is cooperating for you...good thing you have a pool to relax in. Sounds like the trip is going well.