Thursday, 21 May 2009

Rotonda revisited

We first went to Rotonda 4 years ago and found it a peaceful and restful place to call home for a while. The plan is to spend our week on mostly nature trips with the odd bit of shopping thrown in.

On the list of things to do are 2 trips to the Everglades, 1 or 2 boat trips and anything else that takes our fancy.

We will post daily on what we have been up to and add 1 or 2 photos for each day.

First day will be Thursday 28th May which is arrival day so don't expect too much then as we will have been travelling all day.

Feel free leave comments or even ask questions, just post them as an 'Anonymous' profile and put your name on the end of the comment so we know who you are.

See you soon......


  1. Just testing the comments

  2. Hope you both have a safe trip!

  3. Hi Chris and Rosemary, let us know when you arrive safe and sound there. I will be checking each day to see updates. What date are you returning to UK? Frank and Brenda.

  4. Yahoo - have a nice day y'all - cant wait to see your photo's - remember Anna Marie Islands - Its a must

  5. We arrive back home on 8th June - not that I want t think about that right now !!!!