Friday, 29 May 2009

The longest day...

Here we are in Miami having spent about 2 hours longer in the plane than we needed to. First we sat on the stand for just under an hour while the baggage handlers sorted out something in the hold. Then, after a pretty good flight, we were told we wouldn't be going directly into Miami as they were having a 'heavy shower', that turned into an hours holding over the Nassau area. You can just about make out our route on the flight info on the screen here

Mind you we had some spectacular views of the ocean bed in that area, like highways of sand and such a wonderful turquoise blue.

When we eventually landed the 'heavy shower' turned out to have been a big hail storm with strong winds, as it was we had a big drop on the way in, about 200 feet according to the information on the screen, just can't imagine that a landing would have been very nice in that!

We found our hotel with no problems at all, thank goodness for satnav (GPS).

We rounded of our day with a visit to the Cuban restaurant just by the hotel. Why do we always have trouble when ordering drinks. Chris wanted a glass of wine with his meal and got WATER!


  1. Hi, were you walking with your GPS or did you have a hire car!! Sounds you had an exciting start to holiday in the air. We are having a heat wave here with plenty of sunshine. Frank

  2. We have our own GPS that we took with us.
    Enjoy your sunshine.

  3. That flight map is very interesting! How did you get that? I wonder if that is what happend to us when we came back from Florida...there were some storms and the captain told us we had to vector around or something like that.